Chet Faker announces new EP with Flume coming out ‘very soon’Chet Faker

Chet Faker announces new EP with Flume coming out ‘very soon’

2013 saw a huge influx of Australian talent as the country’s eccentric sounds and rich vocalists dominated the international EDM circuit. Part of a list populated by the likes of George Maple, Hermitude, and already established acts like NERVO and Knife Party, Flume and Chet Faker rapidly carved out a top place for themselves with renowned singles like “Drop The Game” and “Gold.”In a recent interview with THUMP, Chet Faker discusses what collaborating with the future bass pioneer was like.

“The whole idea behind that was because I wanted to create a separate vision between my art, which is my bread and butter, and this opposite approach which was open arms and like, ‘let’s just make music and see what comes out,'” said Faker of his Lockjaw EP with Flume. He noted his appreciation of being able to focus solely on vocals while Flume took the production reigns. However, the musician feels there’s more work to be done in this respect: “Just thinking about vocals and even kind of letting go a bit more, there are lots of things on that Lockjaw EP that I would change, but that’s what a collaboration is.” With that declaration came the news that excites fans most: the two powerhouses already have another EP in the works, which “is coming out very soon.”

In addition to announcing new music, Chet Faker also looked back at his past musical accomplishments and path to stardom, reminding us of his humble roots as an artist where he recorded his debut Thinking In Textures EP in an extremely lo-fi manner with no bass and rudimentary production materials. As he delved deeper into the Australian electronica scene, which had been experiencing a substantial renovation, his mastery over writing and producing his own music culminated in the release of his Built On Glass album which featured a cacophony of live instruments and painstaking balance between them. Humble as ever, he describes the writing process of Built On Glass as “anarchist.”

Check out the full interview with Thump here.

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