DA Studios: Watch Cazzette break down ‘State of Bliss’ with Point Blank

Welcome to DA Studios, a feature that dives into the world of production. In partnership with Point Blank Music School, DA Studios is returning weekly, with a variety of installments that will include guest posts from artists offering inside tips, detailed looks into the minds and tools of producers, diary entries from Point Blank students and much more.

Hear from your favorite artists and to learn about their worlds when they leave the decks and hit the studio. Dancing Astronaut and Point Blank’s weekly series is educational for music students, informative for fans, and entertaining for all.

For your viewing pleasure, Point Blank takes you behind the scenes with Cazzette, where the Swedish duo get technical and break down their track “State of Bliss.” Known for re-inventing their sound over the past year, watch Alex and Seb reconstruct their work and show you how exactly how the track is built.

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