DA’s Leaders of TomorrowWorld: 5 Artists to Shape the 2015 FestivalTomorrowworld 17

DA’s Leaders of TomorrowWorld: 5 Artists to Shape the 2015 Festival

DA's Leaders of TomorrowWorld: 5 Artists to Shape the 2015 Festival

Just three short years ago, one of the world’s most renowned international dance events, Tomorrowland, made its first expansion from its home in Belgium to the majestic Chattahoochee Hills of Atlanta, Georgia, to birth TomorrowWorld. Since day one, TomorrowWorld has boasted a lineup consisting of both the scene’s most influential figures at the head and a bevy of promising up-and-comers. The third anniversary of TomorrowWorld is only a short ways away, and to help festival-goers map out their three day experience, we decided to break down the five artists who will play a crucial role in shaping the 2015 festival, of whom we call: the Leaders of TomorrowWorld.

Pete Tong

First up, we have Mr. Pete Tong. The BBC Radio 1 commander needs no introduction as he is one of the most respected names in all of dance music. Having delivered his All Gone Pete Tong stage all over the world to countless venues, he originally brought the stage to TomorrowWorld’s inaugural year in 2013, and the stage has been confirmed to be coming back for a second rodeo. Stacked high with the underground’s hottest names aboard, Pete Tong will be playing his own set from 9-11 with Justin Jay, Justin Martin, Kidnap Kid, and more to warm-up the crowd, while Get Real will close the stage down on Saturday.

DJ Snake

If there’s one artists’ who can expertly cater to both the radio and main stage-inclined, it’s DJ Snake. The serial hit-maker is not only royalty in the dance world but in mainstream culture due to his commercial-friendly outputs like “Lean On” and “You Know You Like It.” Although a number of his global favorites are on the slower end of the spectrum, anybody who has seen Snake live knows he is notoriously aggressive with his selection with the mission of stirring the crowd into complete chaos. His set is destined to be a must-see for those who are looking for an adrenaline-injected set.

Porter Robinson

Ever since his debut album, Worlds, revitalized his artistic image, Porter Robinson has been tirelessly touring to all corners of the earth to share his breathtaking show. For those that have seen the Worlds show, the North Carolina pathfinder locks the crowd into a roller coaster experience as he plays not only live renditions of his own originals like “Sad Machine” and “Flicker” but also samples and clips from other originals and remixes to truly make each show unique. Porter will be playing the first ever TomorrowWorld L!VE stage with Rudimental, Bakermat, the M Machine, and more.

Thomas Jack

This year is proving to contain a lot of firsts for the Georgia festival. Amongst all of them, TomorrowWorld is hosting its first-ever tropical house stage on The Boat stage, of which is located atop the festival grounds’ lake. The stage will be used all weekend, but Sunday’s stage curation has been given to none other than Australian genre pioneer, Thomas Jack. Having curated a plethora of stages across the globe this year, Thomas Jack is no rookie at crafting lineups full of talent well-versed in sun-soaked melodies and addictive beats. With his original “Rivers” now out in the wild and an overabundance of tour experience under his belt, Thomas Jack will once again play a pivotal roll in the development of TomorrowWorld.


Over the past couple, Bassnectar has transcended his position as a revered producer to international movement icon. Back in July, Dancing Astronaut caught up with the long-haired liberator to discuss the bass-head movement he has consistently fostered with his emotionally stimulating live show and spine-tingling outputs. A definite favorite on this year’s lineup, it is always hard to predict what Bassnectar has in store each time he stands on stage, but we can be sure he will have you in awe from start to finish.

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