Disclosure discuss songwriting process ahead of new album ‘Caracal’Disclosure Press Shot Nick Walker S

Disclosure discuss songwriting process ahead of new album ‘Caracal’

British electronic duo Disclosure are just a couple days away from the release of their sophomore effort, Caracal, and they are dishing on the meaning behind the album’s title and the “rushed” songwriting method this time around. “A caracal is a wild cat from Africa that’s always been my favorite animal,” said Howard Lawrence in an interview with Billboard backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. “When we write our music we write with a lot of different people and different artists who generally and rightfully want to talk about different things. So we couldn’t sum all of that up in one title, or it would be an incredibly long title. Instead, we picked an amazing picture for the artwork and named the album after the artwork.”

In terms of songwriting for Caracal, Howard’s production partner and brother, Guy, stated, “A lot of people have got their whole lives to write their first record — years and years — and the second one is a bit rough.” He continued, “We wrote the first one in a year as well, because we were already touring and doing what we’re doing now, just on a smaller scale. So it felt the same. we kept the process the same, we kept who we worked with similar — it was basically round two and a natural evolution for us.”

Caracal will officially be released on September 25. Check out the full video interview here.

Via: Billboard

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