Jason Burns Feat. Cybil – Everything (Original Mix)Jason Burns Everything

Jason Burns Feat. Cybil – Everything (Original Mix)

The coalition of Jason Burns and independent UK outfit Love & Other has come a long way since the Portland native made with sensational label debut ‘Do Without.’ His sound has come to show multiple shades of appreciation for the burgeoning modern house sound and its less-groomed avenues, leading comfortably towards his third single for the rising powerhouse imprint behind some of Europe’s most well-oiled club cuts.

Leaning unapologetically towards the sound dominating UK airwaves and club floors alike, the Cybil accompanied ‘Everything’ drops the edgier side of Burn’s signature sound and opts for an all-inclusive vocal house romp. The sound is inherently softer, but delivers a cool back-and-forth of infectious vocal hooks and unstable low end movements. Burn’s can be heard at his safest to date for this latest label offering, but ‘Everything’ is no less effective where the bigger picture of the US talent and his growing influence is concerned.

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