Jeremy Olander returns to Suara with ‘Hanover’ EPHanover Jeremy Olander

Jeremy Olander returns to Suara with ‘Hanover’ EP

Jeremy Olander has crossed over to Spanish powerhouse label Suara where the producer has found a home over the past six months. His debut EP on the label premiering September 20 is a fitting example of Suara’s cutting-edge techno and house talent. Hanover’s three incredible tracks each highlight Olander’s versatility as an artist. Venturing into the deeper side, the Swede blurs the line between techno and progressive with heavier, driving bass and melodic synths that almost seem like they belong on a Mouseville record. Starting off with the title track, “Hanover” is an immensely technical piece with dark overtones and a creepy riff suited for an after-hours club. It embodies Olander’s evolution as an artist and sets an appropriate tone for the following pieces. For veteran fans of the artist, “Lunar” does a fine job of recalling his old production approach with its joyous melody and Prydz-esque vocal samples lightly gracing the background. Tying together his past and present sounds is “Exchange,” which finishes Hanover on a slightly poignant note with hair-raising synth accents. It’s clear Olander is settling into his role as a master of breaking genre status-quo, and his ability to seamlessly tie together different musical aspects is setting him far apart from his peers. Considered primarily a progressive house maestro until now, Olander’s foray into the techno realm is warmly welcomed thus far; his mix on PodCats was praised heavily by Suara boss Coyu, and the Hanover EP has already reached the #1 spot on the Beatport chart within 24 hours of its release.

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