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Watch Kaskade’s 30 minute interview with Larry King

Skrillex and Diplo sat down with Charlie Rose on PBS, so Kaskade followed suit and recently sat with none other than Larry King to share a few words about his new album and the state of EDM.

“It’s very much the sound of right now,” Kaskade explained to Larry King after a glowing introduction. Dealing with much of the typical stereotypical imagery posed in his questions (Is it party music? Is it young people music?), Kaskade artfully demonstrated exactly why he’s now a leading force for electronic music after 15 years of experience under his belt.

Larry King is to the point with Kaskade, and without missing a beat, the Chicago-native keeps up with the famed personality. Quickly, King references Forbes’ famous ‘Highest Paid DJs’ List, of which Kaskade has placed on year after year, and then points out that he’s yet to achieve a radio hit. He briefly mentions Kaskade’s Mormon faith, a fact most are often surprised to find out about a popular DJ in the electronic scene.

Though the interview is 30 minutes long, Larry King throws a series of rapid fire questions at the producer across a wide range of topics including his time spent in Japan, his opinion on the presence of drugs in dance music and his favorite cities to play in.

Of course, the conversation quickly turned to Automatic, Kaskade’s fast approaching 9th studio album. He discussed the beginning of his contract with Warner, a two-album deal that Kaskade has expressed he felt most comfortable with, since they wouldn’t pressure him to change or go in any different direction than his own.

Kaskade also admitted that Coachella is indeed his favorite festival (like David Guetta, who was also previously on Larry King), citing his particularly epic moment this past year when he received the largest crowd to date at the main stage.

Hilariously enough, Kaskade’s kids — all under age 15 who were also attending Coachella with him — are big fans of Diplo and DJ Snake. He laughed, explaining that they begged him to go watch their performances in the Sahara tent. Watch the entire interview above.

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