Lil Dicky knows how to ‘$ave Dat Money’Lil Dicky Ave Dat Money

Lil Dicky knows how to ‘$ave Dat Money’

Saving money has never looked so extravagant. In an epic display of genius, rapper Lil Dicky managed to pull off an entire rap video including multiple celebrities with virtually no money. Underlining how “the rap game got it all wrong” while parading around a mansion, pouring Grey Goose at the club, and enjoying the company of beautiful women on a yacht, Lil Dicky appeals to Millennials and others living the broke life by mentioning his frequent use of generic brands and the constant struggle of an uncomfortable ass after using single-ply toilet paper. Preach!

Some other important lessons to heed from “$ave Dat Money?” Besides saving it with trial memberships and arguing down waiters who try to double-charge you for that extra coffee without mentioning refills weren’t free, simply asking for stuff gets you a long way too. With just the right amount of confidence and craftiness, Lil Dicky managed to convince bougie establishments in LA to use their premises for the video, even going as far as to steal shots from his peer T-Pain’s music video. Final pro-tip? Selling out. Corporations rule after all, so you might as well blend their products into your product for some extra funds.

Once again, Lil Dicky has managed to be on-point as ever while delivering his knowledge in smooth rap verses.

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