Maarten Vorwerk divulges details of his ghost producing careerVorwerk2

Maarten Vorwerk divulges details of his ghost producing career

You won’t see Maarten Vorwerk‘s name on a festival lineup or a Vegas club’s marquee, but if you follow mainstream EDM, you’ve probably heard his name before – and you’ve definitely heard his music. Vorwerk is the most famous ghost since Casper, and is widely acknowledged to be the producer responsible for hits by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and countless other big room house producers. In an interview with the Portuguese publication Wonderland In Rave, Vorwerk divulged a number of details regarding his own career, what inspires him, and how he feels about other artists profiting and receiving credit for his work.

The ubiquitous question surrounding Vorwerk’s career certainly revolves around his decision to produce in anonymity. With the extensive catalogue of Beatport chart toppers he’s crafted for a variety of artists, it seems infeasible that he wouldn’t be able to create a career for a public project of his own.  Vorwerk clarifies that his interest in music is disconnected to money or fame, but rather a fundamental love for creating music:

“I love being in the studio and creating stuff. That is who I am and what I do. For me that’s the best way to present yourself… I don’t charge as much as some of the Top DJ’s are getting for a gig.”

When asked about his three current favorite DJs, his response is unsurprising:

“Well I don’t really listen to DJ sets. So it would be better to ask me for the three best (dance) producers. In that case I would say, Adam Richard Wiles, Thomas Wesley Pentz, and Giorgio Tuinfort.”

In layman’s terms, that trio is Calvin Harris, Diplo, and the man behind an absurd amount of hits by David Guetta, Akon, and other artists.  When asked about how he feels whenever one of his songs becomes a hit for another artist, he states that he doesn’t seem to mind, though he appreciates some acknowledgement:

“I love it if a track becomes a hit. It’s great to see and hear all the positive reactions and to hear your tracks on the radio. My name is still in the credits though, so that’s enough recognition for me. I do appreciate it when a DJ mentions me a co-producer in interviews or whatever.”

Read the full interview here.

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