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MHE – The Sounds Of Silence (Original Mix)

There’s an emerging trend for house labels re-visiting and (often) ruining iconic musical offerings. d:vision’s output to date has seldom pandered to this filthy habit, but have their own sample-savvy contender at the ready for the the Fall. Cut from the mysterious talent known as MHE, ‘The Sounds Of Silence’ falls under the knife for the pensive club remodel no-one asked for, but few are likely to find offensive. Playing off the duo’s timeless and harrowing vocals, Simon and Garfunkel’s 60’s classic finds new life as an ambient tech house re-spin that on paper has the makings of a cheesy cop-out, but in practice equates to a truly stunning record. There’s a sense of dignity in d:vision’s resurrection of ‘The Sounds Of Silence’ – a track that sounds sure to hold weight for the coming months.

Release Date: TBC 

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