Is there a new Skrillex music video ready to be released?Skrille 4

Is there a new Skrillex music video ready to be released?

Josho. The God to rise does not exist. What does it mean?

California-based animator, David Navarro, known best by his artistic guise Roboto, may be gearing up to release Skrillex‘s next music video. For some time now, the elusive artist has been teasing snap shots and snippets of the possible new music video, and while currently nothing has been confirmed, the more informed keyboard warriors of the internet believe the pending project to be the long-awaited music video for “Ease My Mind.” All of the visuals thus far are stamped with “The God to rise does not exist.” Screenshots have fueled rampant speculation for some time, but now there is an official teaser, signifying a release date for the project that is likely closer than anyone thought.

Collide Film Studio has confirmed that the piece is nearly eight minutes long. Congruent with other Skrillex music videos, the preview introduces the story to be told across eight minutes of intricate, ultra-futuristic, anime-style animation. This isn’t the first time Skrillex has gone animated to tell one of his wild stories. Dog Blood‘s “Chella Ride” was worked into an epic animated adventure and it seems now as though Recess‘ under-spoken love song “Ease My Mind” will soon follow suit.


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