Pasquale Rotella shares life tips for traveling with a childPasquale Rainbow

Pasquale Rotella shares life tips for traveling with a child

Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac boss and visionary, is known for his commitment to his family that even surpasses his dedication to dance music’s most stunningly produced festivals. On Facebook and Instagram, the proud husband and father shares unconventional family photos with the backdrop of Electric Daisy Carnival, and asks fans for ideas for what his daughter Rainbow Aurora should wear to Nocturnal Wonderland. Rainbow is now two and a half years old, and Pasquale has picked up some tips along the way for how to include his child in his work life which he recently shared with Fatherly.

When it comes to flights, for instance, Pasquale books them based on Rainbow’s current nap schedule.

“Flights are scheduled to ensure she’s settled into the plane before nap time, to increase the odds that she’ll sleep on the flight.”

Unlike many toddlers nowadays, Rainbow amuses herself with toys and books, rather than iPads and games on smartphones. Pasquale limits Rainbow’s TV watching time at home so that when a meltdown is imminent, the rare treat of a movie will calm her down instantly.

“She doesn’t get to watch TV often at home, so it’s a special treat. I don’t know how that would work for someone who lets their kid watch a lot of TV, but she is completely fine every time. It never fails.”

Pasquale has gotten ideas for ways to include other children in his events from other festivals, namely Lollapalooza in Chicago.

“We went to Lollapalooza, and they have a section called Kidzapolooza that’s one of those festivals that are special for kids. She did some planting, and some painting. She got her face painted. She got tattoos. That’s going to be an annual trip for us because it was a lot of fun. It actually inspired me — I want to do a small event in the daytime in a park where families can come. Same concept, but with the sound and culture that we have at our events. You can’t get in unless you have a child who’s under 10.”

Families with children who listen to electronic music together, keep an eye out for this in the future. Pasquale Rotella has a track record of making events happen, especially when he would attend those events himself.

Via: Fatherly

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