Phantogram and Big Boi show off Skrillex feature from Big Grams’ upcoming recordBig Grams Drum Machine Skrille Artwork

Phantogram and Big Boi show off Skrillex feature from Big Grams’ upcoming record

Believe it or not, there is another Skrillex collaboration that you need to make room in your playlists for. For those just catching up, Skrillex has been on a year-long production bender, raking together features and collaborations from across the entire music spectrum. At this point, he’s really just keeping us guessing. One day it’s a surprise collaboration with The Game as an homage to cartel dons, the next its a joint with Wiwek making fierce jungle terror mayhem. There’s tracks with ZHU, Jauz, and M.I.A., and no real way of knowing when any of the seemingly hundreds of IDs Sonny has stashed away will ever come about, or if we are ever going to hear a Katie Couric collab. The latest to join Skrillex’s colorful cast of collaborators is Big Grams, showing off “Drum Machine.”

Recently, OutKast’s Big Boi and Phantogram announced a joint album under a mashed-up moniker, Big Grams, and since, the newly formed trio has been teasing their enticing sound in anticipation for the record. The impending album’s tracklist jumped off the page when it promised to feature a Skrillex collaboration, “Drum Machine,” and now we can finally hear what OWSLA‘s head honcho contributed to the supergroup’s project.

This one finds Skrill changing gears completely. “Drum Machine” isn’t snarling bass music with Big spitting spicy bars over a trap beat. This one is clangy and playful as Daddy Fat Sacks tip toes around sinister chimes and Sarah Barthel layers in seductive vocals. Diplo has said many times he considers Skrillex to be one of the most talented drummers in the game; case and point on “Drum Machine.” Skrillex puts together a banging hip-hop arrangement that pushes frivolously catchy percussion as Big Grams dial in their contributions over rolling bass kicks and snappy snare hits.

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