Phantogram and Outkast’s Big Boi bridge the gap, Big Grams delivers 7-track debutBig Boy Phantogram Big Grams Announce Press Shot

Phantogram and Outkast’s Big Boi bridge the gap, Big Grams delivers 7-track debut

We have seen everyone from Snoop Dogg to Jay Z to 2 Chainz visit the dance music space before, but we haven’t seen a crossover like this one yet. Outkast’s Big Boi has teamed up with electronic duo Phantogram, and not for just a single collaboration either. Rather, the combined production outfit have an entire EP up their sleeves, and just like that, the newest super group on the block was formed; enter Big Grams. Big Boi and Phantogram have seven new tracks stocked and ready to go as their debut inches closer to its late September release date. Enlisting help from Run The Jewels on “Born To Shine” and snagging a Skrillex feature for the EP on “Drum Machine,” Big Grams’ introduction is bound to make a splash when it officially lands.

Zane Lowe is pulled premiere duties on his Beats 1 show on September 10th to debut the trio’s “Fell Into The Sun,” ahead of the collection’s September 25th release. Big Grams’ self-titled debut is slated to drop via Epic Records on Friday, September 25th, packing seven original cuts from the unlikely new trio. As it goes, Big Boi came across Phantogram nonchalantly while surfing online. In his attempts to dodge digital ads, a song popped up that Big clearly couldn’t resist as he pulled out his phone to Shazam the track. Phantogram pops up on Fat Sacks’ screen and the rest is history. Now with “Fell Into The Sun” we have a taste of quippy Atlanta-bred rhymes and big, glamorous electronic beats and airy vocal complements.

With the first glimpse at Big Grams’ sound-meshing production style unveiled for the first time on Beats 1, we are anxious for a first listen to the rest of the project’s output. More so, we are anxious to hear if Big Grams has created a sound in their first seven cuts together that is meant to last and maybe even bridge the gap between dance music and hip-hop in the most permanent and lasting way we’ve seen yet. For now, only time will tell.


1.             Run for Your Life
2.             Lights On
3.             Fell In the Sun
4.             Put It On Her
5.             Goldmine Junkie
6.             Born to Shine f. Run the Jewels
7.             Drum Machine f. Skrillex

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