Philip George – Alone No More (Philip George 5 AM Remix)Philip George 2

Philip George – Alone No More (Philip George 5 AM Remix)

Philip George‘s long-anticipated follow-up to breakthrough debut “Wish You Were Mine” already reeked of a crossover hit. Though his forthcoming second single “Alone No More” lacked a more obvious club edge, the British newcomer has taken matters into his own hands en route to its October release.

For his “5am Remix,” George pushes the groove and strips the original’s soulful vocals to a bare minimum. It sounds devastatingly simple, but in the process “Alone No More” becomes a powerful house weapon with a satisfying edge sure to hold its corner on the European front. This ability to shift from the accessible to the functional is a weapon we didn’t necessarily see in Philip George until now, but it seems the UK trailblazer is having his cake and eating it where 2015 is concerned.

Release Date: October 6

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