Shermanology – Sweet Surrender (Original Mix)Shermanology

Shermanology – Sweet Surrender (Original Mix)

Shermanology‘s discography to date speaks of a rare run of relevance to the European circuit. Catering to every movement in the industry taste buds with considerable quality, Andy and Dorothy Sherman have remained a Dutch duo with evolution at the top of the agenda. Jumping in for Big & Dirty’s Dirty Soul imprint this month, ‘Sweet Surrender’ marks the duo’s long awaited follow-up to ‘I Want You’ and the first single from their debut EP for the label.

Fusing Dorothy Sherman’s deep and sensual vocals with an inoffensive blend of keys and curvaceous grooves, ‘Sweet Surrender’ is the sort of soulfully cleansed take on the commercial house sound that makes that awkward middle ground between club records and radio crossover moments all the more alluring. It doesn’t take a genius to hear that Shermanology have landed on finer form than ever before, setting anticipation for their forthcoming Phylosophy EP to an all-time-high.

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