Snails – King Is Back feat. Big Ali (Bad Royale Remix) [Free Download]King Is Back Bad Royale Remi

Snails – King Is Back feat. Big Ali (Bad Royale Remix) [Free Download]

The combination of Bad Royale and Snails is dangerous, to say the least – the fusion of the former’s primal hyperactivity with the latter’s sinister sludge is akin to the combination of ammonia and bleach. However, the recently-prolific quartet risks incurring an adrenaline-overload by taking on a remix of Snails’ ominous opus “King Is Back.” Bad Royale replace the bilious bass groans of Snails’ original with tense synthesis and onerous 808 bass to proffer a Jack Ü inspired festival trap remix. Bad Royale have released the remix for free download via Snails’ favored imprint, Kannibalen records, enacting a symbiosis that could foretell an original collaboration between the two acts.

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