Um.. – Yeah Word Cool Tight [Free Download]Um Ywct

Um.. – Yeah Word Cool Tight [Free Download]

In a cultural scene dominated by the superfluous classification of genres and seemingly infinite sub-genres, the notion of defying genres has almost itself become clichéd. Most acts who attempt to negate the paradigm of restrictive genre definitions generally end up fitting a certain musical stereotype.

Enter Um.., the Los Angeles-based duo of Ben Bruce and Dylan Gold. Um.. have begun to amass a significant cult following over the last year for making ominous, complex, bizarre, and at times, almost humorous music that is legitimately amorphous. Their latest release, “Yeah Word Cool Tight,” fits no mold other than that which they have crafted themselves. Low-fi synth groans interact with melancholic glitches while flecks of bhangra traverse the trepidatious path set forth by Bruce and Gold’s erratic rhythms. The track retains some semblance of trap, but its dynamism is too fundamental to categorize it in such a way. The best way to experience Um.. is to approach the music with no expectations.

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