Watch This: Actress Claire Danes tells Ellen why she loves techno and BerghainClaire Danes Homeland Season 5

Watch This: Actress Claire Danes tells Ellen why she loves techno and Berghain

Actress Claire Danes, known for roles ranging from Juliet in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet to Carrie Mathison on Homeland, recently sat down with comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to discuss Dane’s love of Berlin and its legendary club scene. The actress told Ellen:

“So Berlin is known for its techno and its clubs, which I thought I had a real aversion to, I thought heavy metal and techno were the two genres that I had no kind of tolerance for, right? You’ll go to Berlin and you might change your mind. You get sucked in – they have this incredible club called Berghain which is world-renowned.”

Danes prefers the lighter sound of upstairs’ Panorama Bar to the time-and-space distorting lower level of the club, and she is a particular fan of the ice cream parlor inside the venue. Lamenters of Berlin’s club tourism need not worry that the short interview will inspire a sudden influx of curious visitors, however. An incredulous Ellen spoke for her audience and asked for clarification when Danes described the multi-day parties that Berghain is known for. Danes recommended that Sunday is the day to try gain entry to the club, but admitted that she had the rare experience of not waiting in line and going in “through the back door.”

A objectively awful cut of frantic and generic 90s ‘techno’ in the background added to the doubtful picture painted of techno’s appeal (and Danes immediately and accurately dismissed the music as “terrible”), although Ellen tried her best to understand the literally foreign concept. As a parting gift, Ellen presented Claire with a multi-colored fluffy front-facing backpack, flashing LED lights and all. While the outrageous accessory may not pass muster with legendary doorman Sven, it’s nonetheless gratifying to hear of a skeptic checking her preconceived notions about a diverse and thriving sub-genre of electronic music.

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