Watch This: Autoerotique reimagine a certified dance classic with ‘Count On You’

From Candi Staton and The Source through Florence and The Machine and a rather meaty remake courtesy of Mark Knight, ‘You’ve Got The Love’ has prevailed as a timeless piece of house music’s heritage. As the golden boy of Canadian club prospects right now, Autoerotique was a solid choice candidate for Armada Deep’s fresh stab at tabbing into the timeless and soulful anthem with a seemingly infinite shelf life.

Beefing things up for the modern commercial house palate, ‘Count On You’ recasts the track for the kids young enough to still be searching for music from the festival crowds, but maintains a respectful stand on the original’s soulful edge. Youth runs riot from sunrise to sunset in the accompanying video, getting the artistic juices flowing for a fitting ode to the undying energy of the track that this modern take pledges. We’ve been seeing a lot of hack-handed remakes of timeless club classics of late, but Autoerotique opts to play the backer over the butcher where his latest offering is concerned.


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