Adele’s ‘Hello’ receives its first remix from Romania’s Paul DamixieAdele Hello Paul Damiie Remi

Adele’s ‘Hello’ receives its first remix from Romania’s Paul Damixie

Adele has resurfaced into the international spotlight with her new single “Hello,” three years after the British icon won an Academy Award for her James Bond theme “Skyfall.” Arguably breaking the Internet in a single day and amassing over 90 million plays in just four, “Hello” is the definition of an epic comeback. Since the unveil, dance music fans have started the clock, waiting for the first remixes to emerge for “Hello.” Romanian undercard Paul Damixie seems to be the first out of the gates to remix the worldwide smash.

An impressive feat to adapt such an emotional vocal performance to a clubbier soundscape, Damixie succeeds at working a bouncing percussion arrangement and sparkling mallet melodies to transfigure Adele’s heart-wrenching spirit into a playful, upbeat territory. With the first remix out in the wild, it will be interesting to observe what other artists step up to the plate to take on one of the biggest tracks to hit 2015.

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