Andrew Bayer – Nobody Told MeAndrew Bayer Nobody Told Me

Andrew Bayer – Nobody Told Me

“In this EDM-era, big room music has become obsessed with high impact, instant gratification and, to be honest, absolutely uninspiring and boring arrangements,” commented Andrew Bayer recently on the state of electronic music. The Anamnesis Trilogy was born in reaction to these observations. Akin to the Pryda 10 series released earlier this year, the Anjuna innovator will be releasing each record of the trilogy every month until December; all three are described by him as a modern exploration of “messages and motives” in trance and progressive that he feels have been lost in favor of mainstream exploitation.

Debuted during the ABGT 150 celebration, “Nobody Told Me” is a winding progressive piece spanning several soundscapes. Melodic and lush at first with a signature distinctly Bayer’s, an unexpected transition into an almost Dirtybird-sounding drop following the breakdown provides a sense of adventure to the overall effort. As intended, the track embodies the sense of journey meant to be conveyed by music, and if anyone is able to string two very different styles into one cohesive track, it’s Bayer. “Nobody Told Me” is currently out on Beatport, with the second track of the trilogy set to see a release in November.

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