Armin Van Buuren debuts namesake track off ‘Embrace’ albumArmin Van Buuren Embrace

Armin Van Buuren debuts namesake track off ‘Embrace’ album

Armin sure does love mixing live instruments in with his tracks, especially album introductions. “Intense” commenced the trance hero’s last album with a violinist providing the track’s central riff, and later was adapted into an orchestral performance. As the release date for his Embrace album draws near, Van Buuren has switched over to brass as his instrument of choice for the title track. Playing a Romantic period-esque trumpet melody over a dramatic string section throughout the piece, Eric Vloeiman adds a classical element to the output which later turns into a typical Armin trance piece. It almost sounds like a Brahms trumpet concerto, but in trance form. Not to mention, “Embrace” brings relief to traditional Armin fans; his hit single from the album called “Another You” led some to wonder if the legend was moving onto a pop career, but this track demonstrates that he’ll never fully forget his roots.

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