Burning Man receives the unofficial green light for 2016Burningman 2014

Burning Man receives the unofficial green light for 2016

Burning Man organizers were proud to share that following the most recent 2015 expedition, the event has managed to leave no trace behind. Representatives from the Bureau of Land Management and DPW Playa Restoration team reviewed and inspected the area that was Black Rock City a few weeks ago and were pleased to find almost nothing in terms of left behind “MOOP,” or “Matter Out of Place.”

In a blog post announcement, Burning Man organizers explained that 60 randomly-selected 1/10th of an acre squares are chosen throughout the 4.5 square mile venue that makes up Black Rock City, and these points are combed for waste by the Bureau and Restoration teams. Since Black Rock City is technically a public space, passing this test is vital to Burning Man returning year after year.

For yet another year, Burning Man has taken the title as the world’s biggest Leave No Trace event and thanks to this positive result, is unofficially green lit for 2016. Though official decision has yet to come through and won’t for another few months, the team has explained that the test was passed “with flying colors,” giving them confidence that the event will be back on next year.