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Caspa and Rusko reunite for the first time in years

Before 2010, when dubstep was only a faint whisper in cultural consciousness stateside, English progenitors Caspa and Rusko dominated the scene with their signature brand of low-fi, gridiron dubstep. In 2007, the pair established their partnership with their famed FabricLive37 mix. By the time dubstep achieved status in America, the inextricably linked duo had embarked on their respective solo projects. Now, after years of separation, the two cockney thugs have reunited. Billboard reports:

“[Caspa and Rusko have]amassed a wealth of new material — ‘almost a full album’s worth of tracks,’ as Rusko put it — and are planning to unveil the new music in Los Angeles on Oct. 15 at their debut show at Exchange LA.”

In their interview with Billboard, the artists shed light on how they came to reunite, what listeners can expect from their new music, and their potential next moves.

Rusko elaborates on the origins of their reunion:

“The idea was this year, I came back to the UK from the US in the spring and decided it would be a good idea to make a track together and get in the studio and see if we could make that old magic flowing. One track turned into two tracks which turned into three or four tracks which turned into ‘why don’t we do a show.’ Everything slowly snowballed and got bigger and bigger and now we’ve kind of almost got a full record together”

Caspa states that their new music will be a return to the roots of their production, predating their innovations in the dubstep genre:

“To be honest, the state of mind we’re in, it’s very, very U.K. We just take in everything we were influenced by before we started making this thing called “dubstep” — like the original sounds. We went back to those influences. One track doesn’t sound the same next to the other one. But there [sic] all kind of dubstep tempo. They’re like 140, 145, 150… there’s one that’s 160bpm. Generally they’re all in the dubstep speed but they just take in all our U.K. influences. Stuff like grime, reggae, dub, jungle…”

While news of the reunion is explosive for longtime devotees, Caspa explains that their collaborative return will be gradual:

“The thing is, we’re trying not to run ahead of ourselves too much. We’re like, let’s not book a tour in, let’s not do the single, single, album, tour the album. Let’s do one show, and put one tune out. So that’s the plan: put the tune out on the 16th of October with the show in LA and then after that, we have so much music. We’re just going to go, ‘should we put another tune out, another two out, another four out, should we put an EP out?’ I don’t know. The main focus is just keeping it rolling. We just want to be consistent. We’re not trying to be current, we’re just trying to be consistent.”

Read the full interview here, and buy tickets to their Exchange LA show here.

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