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Chattahoochee Hills Mayor expects TomorrowWorld to return in 2016

Despite daunting news that the Mayor of Chattahoochee Hills would be investigating exactly what went wrong during the chaotic rain and mud meltdown on TomorrowWorld’s final day, it seems as though Mayor Tom Reed does not seem swayed on his positive opinion of the large-scale festival. During a local news station’s report, it was said that Mayor Tom Reed did not question “if the festival would return, but rather, what should be done when the festival returns next year.”

However, that does not mean the Mayor will allow TomorrowWorld’s incident to remain unnoticed. Reportedly, officials are looking into both crowd safety as well as the damage left behind following the hundreds of thousands of attendees that flood into the area during the weekend. A citizen of Chattahoochee Hills explained that “pets and mailboxes were hit and streets were torn apart,” concluding that overall, the event has had a negative impact on the city.

Mayor Tom Reed investigated exactly what went wrong with TomorrowWorld this year and discovered that though committee meetings existed before the event, it seems as though citizens were not made aware of these forums and thus were unable to voice their concerns. He plans to make sure that next year, citizens are told about these public information sessions to ensure the show is a success.

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