Colorado teen pulls gun on DJ for failing to play song requestGun

Colorado teen pulls gun on DJ for failing to play song request

It’s disheartening to hear stories of those cowardly enough to hide behind guns and use them as an easy way to get what they want, oftentimes hurting others in the process. Earlier this year we caught wind of the unfortunate passing of an Indian DJ who failed to play a song request. Not too surprisingly, a similar occurrence recently took place in United States, known as the only developed country with gun policies as lax as its lesser-developed peers.

As a party in Colorado began to kick into high gear, a pair of teenagers reportedly showed up and prompted calls to local police of disturbing the peace. Upon denying one of the teenagers his song request of choice, the young man reportedly whipped out a gun and started to threaten the DJ and those in close proximity. Officers arrived just in time to prevent harm dealt to party-goers, and arrested the gun-toting teen on the spot with several felony counts.

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