DA Premiere: Seven Lions joins Armin van Buuren’s Who’s Afraid of138?! with ‘Cusp’SL CUSP1

DA Premiere: Seven Lions joins Armin van Buuren’s Who’s Afraid of138?! with ‘Cusp’

Seven Lions has never been one to be boxed in by any one genre. Initially gaining recognition for his melodic dubstep remixes of Above & Beyond, the California producer moved on to experiment across all forms of electronic music. In 2014, for instance, his track “Lucy” combined a big room drop with psytrance elements.

A year later, it seems Seven Lions has decided to venture deeper into the trance realm by releasing a track on Armin van Buuren’s Who’s Afraid Of 138?! imprint: Armin’s sub-label geared toward the faster and harder styles of trance. Jumping up to a swift tempo, “Cusp” teases at a full-on psy track, but quickly transforms into a more experimental piece with a tingly breakdown. The heavy bass, reminiscent of “Lucy,” and its sample layers almost make it sound like a tech-trance piece.

Unpredictable as always, the clip ends with a halftime rhythm, making the track stand out easily as something only someone as eccentric as Seven Lions would make. It’s high-octane to say the least, grabbing you and refusing to let go until the last beat brings calmness. Bridging the gap between commercial and underground trance, it’s likely that this track will serve as a solid transition piece to new trance fans interested in seeing what else the genre has to offer.

“I had such a great time making this track, it was always intended to be a an epic dance floor song. In my sets I play a lot of different genres, Trance/Progressive/Psy/Trap, so I wanted to make something that took the best of all those worlds and smash it into something really energetic and trippy. I never really intended on releasing it and was only going to keep it for my sets because its such a weird song but the response over the last year has been so great and a lot of you asked for it so here it is. Hope you guys enjoy” – Seven Lions

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