DA Premiere: Araatan – Fairy EPAraatan Fairy

DA Premiere: Araatan – Fairy EP

Something truly unique has emerged from the Siberian wilderness. Introducing Araatan, a production duo from one of the harshest and most remote locations on earth. Aged 21 and 18, Batkhuu and Barbaatar have tapped into a sonic landscape that is representative of their far off origins. The pair merge elements of hip-hop and trap with psychedelia and pseudo-prog rock compositions to deliver something close to ‘IDM’ than ‘EDM.’ The result is a 4-track EP aptly titled Fairy that presents the young project’s various artistic facades. On one hand there is the opening track “Embrace,” a vocally-led enchantment, made extraordinary by Marty Clown’s stunning vocals and “Curiosity” the EP’s third track, but second vocal arrangement, that follows a similar formula this time with Sohight and Cheevy. Then there’s “French Kiss,” a duel of sorts between elegant pan flutes an discordant saws, all brought to life by a half-time trap underbelly. The EP comes to a close in a twisted freak out of future noise dubbed “Dance,” an experimental percussion driven motif more at place in a pair of headphones than on a dance floor.