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DA Premiere: Slow Hands – I’ll Find Me (Original + Soul Clap Remix)

Hailing from Manchester, Vermont, Ryan Cavanagh has recently been identified as one of electronic music’s rising stars. Best known under his alias Slow Hands, Ryan’s induction into the scene began with his 2014 EP, Everything (We Are). A year later, the now Brooklyn-based producer follows up with a debut studio album entitled I’ll Find Me — which, at its core, is a fluid story encompassing themes like love, loss, and isolation.

In preparation for I’ll Find Me’s release on November 6 via Wolf + Lamb Records, Cavanagh has sought the creative assistance of Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb themselves to remix the album’s title track. Built upon a heavily melodic framework featuring dramatic piano slips and velvety guitar strums, the original primes listeners for a slow and steady ballad that embodies apprehension and heartbreak. Yet Soul Clap transform the melancholic tune into an effervescent record that highlights “I’ll Find Me’s” scintillating trumpet and the pair’s signature tribal chops.

“The title song from my album, I’ll Find Me was the catalyst for a two year long journey into defining what it is the Slow Hands moniker has meant to me, and trying to define what I hope it will mean to its fans,” Cavanagh says. “It was written as a country song about heart break on an acoustic guitar with an epic bridge, and amazing trumpets supplied by Greg Paulus. It wasn’t until later that I translated it into something a little more friendly for the nightclub. These fusions are the intention of Slow Hands as a project.”

I’ll Find Me (Remixes) will be released on October 9th via Wolf + Lamb Records.

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