DA Studios: Dirty South’s insights for vocal productionDirty South

DA Studios: Dirty South’s insights for vocal production

Welcome to DA Studios, a feature that dives into the world of production. In partnership with Point Blank Music School, DA Studios is returning weekly, with a variety of installments that will include guest posts from artists offering inside tips, detailed looks into the minds and tools of producers, diary entries from Point Blank students and much more.

Hear from your favorite artists and learn about their worlds when they leave the decks and hit the studio. Dancing Astronaut and Point Blank’s weekly series is educational for music students and informative for fans.

Hitting DA Studios this week is Dirty South, sharing his insights into the art of vocal production. With his top 5 tips for constructing these coveted records, Dirty South brings you into his world and offers advice compiled from his seasoned, illustrious career.

Listen to Dirty South’ latest, “Find A Way” below and catch him on tour.

1. Good, clean sound

Try to record the cleanest and best possible quality sound you can. This is a very good starting point. You can always make it sound gritty/distorted/interesting later, but you can’t go backwards from bad sound to good and clean. There are plugins that can fix bad sound, but toan extent. Ifyou put shit in, you get shit out.

2. Be organized and prepared

If you are working with a vocalist that has a lot of experience and that likes to work fast, then you need tobeas fast as them. If the vocalist is waiting for you to setup new tracks and settings, that will kill their creativity. Sobe prepared and know your way around your DAW.

3. Comfort… Make sure you are comfortable

Recording vocals can be a very intense process. Also make sure your vocalist is comfortable as this will help get their performance to the max.

4. Stay in tune… A very important part of vocal production

There are numerous plugins out there that can help you to keep your vocalist in tune if they are a little off on the day of recording and can’t quite hit that note. My favorite is Waves Tune but Antares Auto-tune is also a great alternative. Remember, these plugins are not magic, and won’t turn someone that is tone deaf into Michael Jackson, but they can definitely perfect and solid performance.

5. Trust your gut… Always trust your gut

If you get the goosebumps from the recordings you are hearing, then the gut gods are telling you something. You’re an artist, you have an opinion, you have instincts so trust them!

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