“Drop” the bass anywhere with this wearable subwooferDrop

“Drop” the bass anywhere with this wearable subwoofer

Yes, you read correctly; subwoofers just became even more portable. Apparently, a company named bassAware is testing out a wearble subwoofer that dubbed “Drop.” Strapped onto you like a backpack and combined with a good pair of headphones, Drop allows you the opportunity to effectively turn anywhere into a party. What really enhances this product is the fact that the speakers pack enough of a punch to be felt throughout the entire body; there are few things more pleasurable in life than a massage to go along with the music. “The device uses a tactile transducer placed on your upper back – this is a special type of audio driver creating vibration rather than sound…the result is an immersive bass experience that no one but you can hear or feel” described the promotional video put out on bassAware’s crowdfunding page for Drop. Given the fact that any music enthusiast can agree that bass is an integral part of a song and the potential market for the product, it would be a shock if funding goals weren’t met.


via: EDM.com

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