EPROM & Barclay Crenshaw collaborate on ‘Crawled Eagle’Clawed Eagle Eprom Barclay Crenshaw

EPROM & Barclay Crenshaw collaborate on ‘Crawled Eagle’

Rumbling up from the deepest depths of the bass realm is the “Crawled Eagle,” a collaboration of Dirtybird’s top dog Barclay Crenshaw, A.K.A. Claude VonStroke, and the experimental scene’s EPROM. Crenshaw has shown support for EPROM from Twitter shout-outs to an official remix of his rack “Plasma Jelly,” but this is the first time the two have put together a proper studio effort. The “Eagle” was hatched in a three-day stay at Crenshaw’s Venice studio, sampling and reworking their favorite analog sounds to produce a seamless combination of EPROM’s roaring bass-filled rhythm and Dirty Bird styled funky vocals with brain-buzzing reverb.

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