Eventbrite to cut wait times at large scale events with RFID technologyFestival Wristbands

Eventbrite to cut wait times at large scale events with RFID technology

Self-service ticketing platform Eventbrite has taken its most exciting leap yet into entry management. Having acquired Scintilla Technologies, an entry management RFID (radio-frequency identification) hardware and software company, Eventbrite will soon play a greater role in facilitating smoother entry and shorter wait times at large scale events such as expos, conferences, and festivals. RFID technology is best exemplified through music festival wristbands; scannable chips are commonly placed inside of cloth bands to offer guests a more secure and streamlined experience.

Eventbrite’s next step is to introduce RFID technology to areas beyond the music festival. Think along the lines of Comic Con, Tough Mudder, or possibly even sporting events. Ultimately, the company’s hope is to offer a stronger hand when it comes to guests’ “end-to-end experience,” from the time of purchasing tickets to physically entering the event.

Laurent Sellier, Eventbrite VP of Product, comments, “The powerful combination of Scintilla’s hardware and team with Eventbrite’s world-class software, entry management and field operations capabilities will allow us to deliver the most reliable, robust and flexible solution in the market. We’re excited to be building a complete end-to-end solution that will reduce the complexity and risk currently preventing large events and festivals from realizing the benefits of RFID technology. We will continue to innovate on behalf of the customer to build solutions that delight the consumer.”

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