Four Tet remixes Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’ERIC PRYDZ OPUS FOUR TET REMI

Four Tet remixes Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’

In a charming turn of events, eclectic underground musician Four Tet has remixed Eric Prydz’s summer smash, “Opus.” Best of all, it was a collaboration that spawned over Twitter. Back in July, Four Tet posed an innocent Tweet, musing about the Swedish producer’s new single.

Four Tet remixes Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’Screen Shot 2015 10 02 At 1.43.19 PM

As it turns out, Eric Prydz was listening and was happy to oblige. The result is a glorious 10-minute remix, paralleling the magnificence of the original while taking it in an exciting direction. The rework begins with a 909-friendly house beat, before descending into a six-minute breakdown of epic proportions. Utilizing the arpeggiated sequence of the original, Four Tet manifests a stupendous crescendo that would surely make Prydz proud.

The remix follows the culmination of Prydz’s three-part Pryda 10 series, which brought 22 new tracks to light over the past three months.

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