Goldroom feat. Ren Farren – Waiting To Ignite (Original Mix)Goldroom Waiting To Ignite

Goldroom feat. Ren Farren – Waiting To Ignite (Original Mix)

In May of this year, Goldroom took a revolutionary step in premiering his new video project, paired with the title track from It’s Like You Never Went Away,through Snapchat. Truly a first for both Josh Legg and the photo-sharing platform, the LA-based producer has made his mark as an innovative artist, consistently cooking up methods in which music can be coupled with social media.

Legg’s latest offering, entitled “Waiting To Ignite,” features the vocal chops of Ren Farren; co-written with Tinashe, renowned for her song “Player” featuring Chris Brown, the sparkling tune speaks to the future. As Goldroom further experiments with live instruments and slowly diverges from the electronic world, fans can expect his style to continue evolving within the coming months and years. If the record’s disco-tinged frame and effervescent piano hooks are any indication of what’s to come, Legg’s future is already looking bright.

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