Helena Legend & Taylr Renee – Wake Up (Original Mix)Helena Legend Wake Up

Helena Legend & Taylr Renee – Wake Up (Original Mix)

We’re at a point in time where the so-called underground feels it right to offer advice to the commercialised left of field. One day we will focus on that hypocrisy, but until then there’s still promising work to be found within electronic dance music’s more popular medium. Cue Helena Legend, the latest alias of Ultra approved Australian talent Helena, who strikes back this month with a quality cut from the accessible dance world that speaks as much for this new found alias as it does for a sound many want to bury, but is still showing a significant pulse.

‘Wake Up’ is the polished big room action we have come to expect from the Aussie talent, but manages to push the pulse in a subtle yet strong way. The familiar vocal assets of electronic dance crooner Taylr Renee don’t hurt, but the take away from the track is an overriding sense that among all this talk of the ‘big room bubble’ bursting, some of its artists are genuinely trying to give its undeniable presence a strong point of reference, regardless of its supposed future. There is no pretentious epiphany to be found in Helena Legend’s reincarnated first single, just proof that some people genuinely give a a damn about the sound they set out to conquer. For that reason, ‘Wake Up’ is a welcome chapter that is sure to hold weight where Helena Legend’s next steps are concerned.

Release Date: October 23 

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