Japan and Indonesia on the verge of receiving SpotifySpotify

Japan and Indonesia on the verge of receiving Spotify

The launch of Apple Music and its quick emergence across the global markets has sparked a need for other streaming services to keep up by broadening their international reach. One such company moving closer to establishing itself as a major Apple competitor in Asia is the immensely popular Spotify, who’s priming itself to launch in Japan and Indonesia. Though it’s been two-and-half years since its initial launch in six Asian markets, the company has experienced significant lag compared to the new Apple Music, whose dominance as a company has already allowed it to settle in throughout most of the continent.

Japan has been a long-time focus of Spotify, but the path toward its fruition has been arduous. CDs still make up a significant part of the country’s music sales, while the launch of its native streaming service, Line, was debuted in June, making competition even stiffer. Furthermore, a spokesperson noted that they must proceed with caution due to Japan’s “really tough” licensing policies.

While Japan’s progress remains slow, Spotify has set its sights on another burgeoning Asian market: Indonesia. As the country enters into the semi-periphery, internet usage has increased and mobile phone sales have gone up 55% in the past year, thus signaling potential for the country to become “mobile first” and develop a considerable demand for music streaming. It’s predicted that the launch in Indonesia will occur sooner than Japan since its policies around music are less intense.

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