MØ’s new Diplo-produced single “Kamikaze” is hereMo Kamikaze

MØ’s new Diplo-produced single “Kamikaze” is here

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

When two artists have a chemistry like Diplo and , there’s no reason to stop the hit train if it keeps rolling. Best known for their Platinum-status smash of the summer, “Lean On,” with Diplo’s Major Lazer project and Parisian hit-maker DJ Snake, MØ and Diplo have also hopped in the studio for both “XXX 8” and her reggae-infused cover of Frank Ocean’s “Lost.” Striking while the iron is still hot, the Danish singer has released her brand new solo single, “Kamikaze,” hand-crafted by none other than the Mad Decent ringleader.

Furbished with a similar international vibe to “Lean On,” “Kamikaze” allows the singer-songwriter a little more breathing room; her vocal talent flourishes with a pop structured backbone held steady by brisk percussion clocks and sparkling jungle-tainted melodies. Unsurprisingly, MØ and Diplo provide yet another standout crossover effort that will undoubtedly see its fair share of radio time as we head into the closing months of 2015.

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