Nicolas Jaar continues ‘Nymphs’ series with ‘Fight’Nicolas Jaar E1360456119231

Nicolas Jaar continues ‘Nymphs’ series with ‘Fight’

Nicolas Jaar is a true master of composition and sonic textures. Though a considerable portion of his productions lean toward the ambient side with sparse sprinklings of rhythm, each track is brilliantly constructed to tell a story and take the listener through various twists and turns of subtly manipulated samples. The prodigious Chilean-American has graced us with a multitude of new music as of late, including his free album Pomegranates which was his own eclectic soundtrack to the avant-garde film The Colour of Pomegranates.

2015 has also seen the release of Jaar’s Nymphs series; editions II and III were released earlier in the year on his Other People label and have been praised for the delicate, yet complex production approach used on each. Continuing the series is “Fight,” which was just released through R&S. Cleverly captioned “This nymph swims to Ghent,” “Fight” is a unique piece containing jazzy vocal samples, subtle synth accents, and carefully placed drums. Yet, unlike its more somber predecessors, this track carries a more optimistic signature. As always, Jaar’s composition skills come into play with “Fight;” his advanced knowledge of how sounds fit together have allowed him to create an odd, yet beautifully cohesive piece of music.


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