Non-Human Rhythms: Music created from MoldMold Non Human Rythms

Non-Human Rhythms: Music created from Mold

This new tech lets us hear the melodies of the microscopic world. The Mexico-City based, cutting edge, and slightly hair-raising project has been named the Energy Bending Lab.  It uses custom-built synthesizers and an instrument that sonically magnifies the sounds of electrical properties found on the surface of microscopic organisms such as E Coli bacteria and slime mold. The system then records the micro-voltage, converts it into a pattern generator, producing raw electronic signals and then creating sound.

Their website mission, “The object explores the relationship between waveforms, matter, and the physical form of frequencies, seeking a pattern-based understanding of our context to illustrate the underlying order within the universe and human consciousness that appears to be intimately related to vibration.” 

The noises made by these organisms are anything but small. It’s the sound you might imagine for a sci-fi thriller sound-track: you’re drifting through space, in a different reality, Leonard Nimoy is your Capitan, and you’re enjoying the strange sounds of the universe.

Here is the first in a series of live recordings titled ‘Non Human Rhythms’

Their second titled “Slime Mould Music”

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