Pegboard Nerds release the ‘Pink Cloud EP’ and ‘Pink Cloud’ music videoPegboard Nerds

Pegboard Nerds release the ‘Pink Cloud EP’ and ‘Pink Cloud’ music video

The Pegboard Nerds have debuted their new music video for their EP’s title single ‘Pink Cloud.’ Hilariously set in a world of boob characters, the heroes embark on a journey to fight cancer in support of their recent charity work for cancer awareness with FUCK CANCER. The Scandanavian duo Pegboard Nerds also released the Pink Cloud EP for purchase on their website. The most recent ‘Emoji’ record is shaping up to be one of MonsterCat’s top performing singles after its long-awaited release.

For this EP, the Pegboard Nerds have also embarked on a journey to fight breast cancer. Parsberg and Odden aimed to bring attention to a cause they truly believe in, uniting their fanbase to raise $20,000 in the first couple of weeks. All proceeds for music and merchandise purposes will be donated to Fuck Cancer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and prevention of the deadly disease.

Today, the EP release introduces fans to the final tracks with “End is Near” and “Downhearted.” The former is a special edit of ‘Fire in the Hole’ while the latter is a new experimental sound for the duo. Both round out the eclectic collection of music that includes everything from infectious pop melodies to full throttle wobbly beats.

This all hints that the animation is only the precursor for a possible new video game.

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