Pegboard Nerds take up arms against breast cancer with ‘Pink Clouds’Pegboard Nerds Pink Cloud

Pegboard Nerds take up arms against breast cancer with ‘Pink Clouds’

In conjunction with their upcoming Pink Cloud EP release, the producer duo Pegboard Nerds today unveiled a true-hearted initiative: The #PinkCloud campaign to raise money for Breast Cancer research, treatment, and overall global awareness. In association with great platform partners and artists, Odden and Parsberg are inviting fans and music lovers alike to explore their entire ecosystem, from the groundbreaking EP; to major live fundraising events; and so much in between. This will be the largest and most ambitious Pegboard Nerds initiative yet.

This EP couldn’t be better fitted for the philanthropic effort as well. The lead single, “Pink Cloud” is an embodiment of the uplifting sentiments this project possesses as it features Max Collins of Eve6 providing irresistible vocals and hook. And with the rest of the EP featuring talented artists in Johnny Graves, Jonny Rose, as well as a VIP of the notorious “Fire In The Hole” single, it is with no doubt that fans will not only be helping a worthwhile project, but getting some great music as well.

Ultimately, the entire Pink Cloud campaign couldn’t be said any better than from the Pegboard Nerds themselves: “We are excited to share this new project with the world. It’s a new sound we’ve been working on for the past couple months, but more importantly, we are on a mission to change lives with our music. We invite you to take a step into our world, Nerd Nation.”

To kick off the launch, the Pegboard Nerds announced that all sales from the Pink Cloud EP for October will be donated towards the aptly titled non-profit foundation Fuck Cancer. Go to the Pegboard Nerds website to join the fight!

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