Radiohead says new album almost complete, possible tour to follow in 2016Radiohead

Radiohead says new album almost complete, possible tour to follow in 2016

It’s been a long time since the last Radiohead album, 2011 to be exact, but it seems like that quiet period is finally coming to an end. In an interview at Russia’s Silver Radio recently, guitarist Jonny Greenwood stated, “We have finished recording of the new album but we keep reevaluating the work we’ve done,” and that “We hope we’ll get it right soon, and after that we’ll start planning the next year’s tour.”

This is certainly exciting news, however don’t get too excited yet. Upon rumors of a pending album release, Greenwood swiftly took to Twitter to advise the band had recorded a lot of material, but were still going through it to determine what would work for the album. Likewise, the accompanying tour is still up in the air, but the band certainly hopes to execute it sometime in 2016. Regardless, this news is exciting, especially considering what we’ve seen so far in terms of its production. Earlier in the year, composer Robert Ziegler posted pictures of Radiohead with an orchestra, hinting at gorgeous pieces to come. Phil Selway also teased at collaborations with others for the album as well, something almost unheard of for the band.

via: Consequence of Sound

photo credit: Naomi Bilia


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