Skrillex enlists Roboto for epic new animated short filmRoboto Skrille Ease My Mind Video Artwork

Skrillex enlists Roboto for epic new animated short film

The place where Skrillex and Roboto‘s minds have met is beautiful. The world-dominating DJ has enlisted the elusive artist to create the next music video in his strange collection of stories accompanying his singles. Together, the pair sidestep the frivolity of the “Bangarang” video and disregard the bone-chilling terror of the “First of the Year” music video. Instead, Roboto, via Collide Film Studios, takes Skrillex’s music to one of the most visually stunning animated spaces out there to tell the complicated love and loss story behind “Ease My Mind.”

Branded as a short film, Josho tells a post-apocalyptic tale of the loving entanglement between two fierce, futuristic warriors. Epic battle sequences are carried by the Niki and the Dove-assisted electronic love ballad, as two chromatic figures transform from the marionettes to the ones pulling the strings in this larger-than-life animated short.

Ultimately, Josho is a Romeo and Juliet tale that observes the concept of free will from a creative sci-fi lens. The visual element is remarkable. Roboto’s creation is a vivd, ultra-futuristic expanse of wonder and as it links to the penultimate track on Recess. The intersection of Skrillex’s emotionally charged music and Roboto’s animations forms a perfect, complete whole.

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