Skrillex is headed to India, sets sights on possible new collaborationSkrille Boi

Skrillex is headed to India, sets sights on possible new collaboration

Sonny Moore has become more than just a world-dominating DJ, but a dance icon behind the Skrillex moniker. As he heads to India to tour for the first time in his career, his global appeal is more evident now than ever.

With Skrillex’s impending visit, popular India outlet Mid-Day got to catch up with Sonny briefly before tour madness set in. The standard set of questioning catches Skrillex skimming the surface of his personal life, skateboarding, guilty pleasure Bollywood films, and obligatory Jack Ü and Bieber talking points, but one juicy answer rises above the rest.

With an incredibly diverse cast of genre-defying collaborators, the question on everyone’s mind is who will Skrillex collaborate with during his milestone trip to India? Is there an Indian artist out there that Skrillex has his scope on? When prodded on his cultured musical palate, the OWSLA don shouts out popular Indian pop-star Yo Yo Honey Singh and dishes on possibly finding a new collaboration partner as his never-ending tour cycle continues to roll into the end of the year.

Maybe grainy cell-phone footage of a new heater from Skrillex and Yo Yo Honey Singh will start to surface in the coming months. Perhaps Yo Yo might find a guest feature on stage during one of Sonny’s headlining shows? The possibilities are endless, but in a world where collaboration is as easy and fluid as ever, expect Skrillex to come home with a little Indian influence.

Via: Mid-Day

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