Skrillex & Justin Bieber reunite with “Sorry”Skrille Bieber

Skrillex & Justin Bieber reunite with “Sorry”

The unconventional partnership between Skrillex and Justin Bieber is only beginning to blossom, regardless of the dance community’s approval. Bieber’s rambunctious past aside, the singer wants to turn over a new leaf, clearly making strides to pivot his sound and become a multi-genre artist, with Skrillex abiding to a similar trajectory.

As the success of “Where Are Ü Now” continues, Skrillex capitalizes on his new fan base with yet another Bieber collaboration. “Sorry,” co-produced and co-written with BLOOD (f.k.a Blood Diamonds, of Grimes – “Go” fame), is the second single off Bieber’s forthcoming album, Purpose, and serves as the follow-up from the infectious “What Do You Mean?”

Though teeming with tropical house influences, “Sorry” is a track that Skrillex and Bieber need not apologize for. At its core, “Sorry” embodies everything that is right about modern pop music with its happy-go-lucky nature and bright harmonies. Skrillex seems ecstatic about the direction of his original productions, and thus fans had better be supportive, even if they aren’t stricken with Bieber fever.

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