Snoop Dogg makes his Boiler Room debut as DJ SnoopadelicSnoopadelic Boiler Room

Snoop Dogg makes his Boiler Room debut as DJ Snoopadelic

Snoop Dogg and Boiler Room are two things you wouldn’t normally expect to hear in association with one another.  However, as Snoop Dogg’s hand at reggae under Snoop Lion came to an end, his adoption of the Snoopadelic moniker and eventual transition into the art of DJing soon made him a prime candidate for the popular DJ mix series. His debut performance took place at an LA roller disco, so naturally the rapper-turned-DJ pumped the room full of a setting-appropriate mélange of soul and funk, even throwing “La Bamba” on in the middle. Vibes were visibly maintained throughout the night, as live footage shows attendees happily skating around the rink as Snoop and his posse smoke blunts as they are known to do.

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