Soundcloud continues to burn bridges, this time with HardwellHardwell Soundcloud

Soundcloud continues to burn bridges, this time with Hardwell

Times haven’t been terribly kind to Soundcloud. The music platform has been embroiled with controversy as of late in its quest to remain profitable, including entanglement in multiple lawsuits regarding unfair compensation to artists and labels who use its services. The hallmark concern raised against the website, however, is “the purge” that has been in effect since earlier this year. Due to multiple automated copyright infringements, a large portion of Soundcloud’s users, especially those in the electronic music realm, have been affected negatively; whole pages have been shut down, songs owned by the artists were taken off their pages, and even Dancing Astronaut’s page was impacted by this development.

Naturally, dissatisfied users took to their social media accounts bashing the company and fueling the bad publicity. Recently, another very well-known angry customer joined the legion of dissatisfied users: Hardwell. Tweeting at Soundcloud for his millions of followers to see, the EDM mainstay asked, “Please guys, get your shit together. I keep getting copyright problems while it’s released on my own label.” Though Soundcloud has already earned itself a negative reputation, pissing off a #1 DJ is definitely the proverbial icing on the cake. Hopefully Hardwell and other reputable artists speaking out against the company will finally lead to some improvement in this regard.


Soundcloud continues to burn bridges, this time with HardwellHardwell

Photo credit: Gerrard Henninger