New app Sounds allows you to share songs on Instagram and SnapchatSnapchatdiscover

New app Sounds allows you to share songs on Instagram and Snapchat

It wasn’t until very recently that Instagram unveiled its first-ever music community under the handle, @music. As music’s influence continues to amplify, our hunger for instantly sharing our favorite tunes across social media has noticeably become more and more insatiable.

Meet Sounds: an iPhone and Android app that allows users to discover music and share songs to platforms including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and Tinder. Sounds users are most likely to use the app to share songs to Instagram, since the photo-sharing network installed its video feature in 2013. Whenever song snippets are shared to your Instagram account, they are posted along with the track’s cover art to help other users more easily identity the song to which they are listening. At its core, Sounds could be considered a music discovery app much like its competitors, but it also leverages social media in a less cut-and-dry way than Shazam or SoundCloud.

Co-founder and CEO Rhai Goburdhun said, “Unlike other apps, we only use the cover art when you share a song.” “That’s why our users share a lot more often. We don’t use music as a way to showcase user-generated content.”

Current partners consist of Ed Banger Records, The Fader, The Bowery Ballroom, and Bromance Records. Sounds is also in talks with the three major labels in the hopes of inking licensing deals. Six months down the road, Sounds’ team hopes to fill the shoes of the ultimate music portal; a hub where users can discover, listen, share, identify and possibly one day purchase concert tickets.

Via: TechCrunch

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